Oliphenol has committed itself to using all-natural, organic olives in its products and at every step of the production process. If you have questions about our products or ingredients that aren’t answered below, please contact us.

What is the difference between Olivenol empowered with HIDROX® and other olive supplements?

  • Our products do NOT contain any olive leaf or synthetic produced olive polyphenols. Olivenol is not a by-product of the olive such as from the stem of the olive leaves. Olivenol is however, made from the “Heart and Soul” of the olive, which is from the JUICE. The juice comes from the meat of organic olives.

What does the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle have to do with Olivenol?

  • Scientific studies have shown that people of the Mediterranean region have known for thousands of years the valuable nutritional and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Recent data links the Mediterranean diet to include, potent olive polyphenols to support a healthy immune system as well as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Read more from the Mayo Clinic.

Why should you choose Oliphenol Olivenol products?

  • Oliphenolproducts are formulated from fresh, organically grown California olives. Each one of our products empowered with HIDROX® which has 300x’s times more olive polyphenols than extra virgin olive oil without the fat and calories.

Is Olivenol empowered with HIDROX® supported by science?

  • Through 2020, HIDROX® and Olivenol products have been awarded more than 20 international patents for scientific advances over the past two decades.

Are the olives used in our products Organic?

  • Yes, our olives are Organic Spanish Olives as grown and harvested. Roberto Crea, the founder of Oliphenol and creator of Olivenol and HIDROX® introduced “organic” olive polyphenols HIDROX® to the world for the first time in 2001.

Do we own the Olive Groves and How many Acres of Olive Trees are there?

  • We currently partner with a 4th generation family farm located in the San Joaquin Valley in California. They produce the 100% Organic Olives which is foundation of both Olivenol, our finished product and HIDROX®, our raw ingredient. There are over 650+ acres of Organic Olive Trees that produce fruit annually.

How and when are the Olives harvested?

  • The olives are harvested using modern machinery with a brush that shakes the olives from the trees. Within 48 hours of harvesting the olives begin their initial processing. The olives often bloom in May and continue to grow and ripen with the warm summer sun in California. The olives are harvested in the fall usually while still green but deepening in color. Depending on the seasonal conditions, the olives are harvested as early as September and as late as December.

How do the Olives get from the tree to the product?

  • Once harvested the olives are carefully transported to the processing center. The next steps are the organic olive juice is extracted, concentrated and turned into a powder or liquid.